Many of you have asked about our process in creating the DejaBlue collage collection from analog to digital collage elements. Although most of the collages we sell in the shop are created digitally, we often start out with traditional collage backgrounds we create in the studio.

We began by randomly selecting a handful of collage papers from our collection. We then cut the paper into 50 2′ x 10′ pieces.  We then attached the collage to an 18 x 24 120lb piece of watercolor painter, being careful not to get any of the glue on top of the paper.

Next, we took a mixture of white and clear gesso and did a light coat over the collage to tone it down a bit. We waited for about 15 minutes, then did a second coat. Once this dried we cut the paper into 12 6′ x 6′ squares and then scanned them all at ultra-high resolution.

This was really a fun project, and a great way to join analog and digital techniques together.